Girl On Loose

“You must stay drunk on writing so that reality cannot destroy you.” ― Ray Bradbury

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you are NOT stagnate you are NOT at a dead end everyone around you is NOT going into an exciting phase of their life, you are in some way or another working every fucking day to just be alive and if youre alive you have stuff that you’re passionate about, that you’re going to love, and whether it manifests in a career or a relationship or a family or a friendship or just a hobby that takes up your time it is ENOUGH

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Under your tee shirt it’s flat as the Midwest and I
want to live there. I’m sick
of cities, of coasts, of oceans
relentlessly nagging the beach. I want the meat
and potatoes of you, want the obvious
choice for big spoon to be you, want to
give up my cocksure swagger and swoon
over yours instead. I want
the senior prom and the picket-fenced
lawn and the American flag
on the back of your truck, want to fuck
like the other half does—want to god-bless
your foreign body, the whole long slim
length of you, the endless
prairie of your chest, the rough
plain of your cheek, your terraced
ribs, the muscled goldrush
thrust of you. Yes: I want the simple
plus-minus of us, the luxurious,
brainless, obvious-us, want to touch
you in public and relish
how nobody stares. Don’t tell me
your fears. Let’s just swap our worst
pick up lines. If I wanted love
I’d go back to Brooklyn, to the woman whose body
is so much like mine. But I want this whole
wild country, idiotically brave, catastrophically
free, and you, cowboy, to come home, home
on the range with me.
Ali Shapiro, “American Dream” (via englishistheartofbullshit)

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